3D elearning platform added to IDmap’s teaching toolbox

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Lecturers of IDmap make use of 3D platform to get a real-life experience of the life Political campaign

The online course of IDmap of Political Campaigns on Internet turns now to a 3-dimensional surround to bring the scene exposure and real-life experience close to its students. The asymmetrical mode of learning when students registered to the online courses had been downloading the materials of the course and participated in discussion boards had been recently replaced by few 3-dimensional platforms, which provide a real-life experience of participation.

The graphic designers of IDmap had designed 3 virtual locations: the TV studio, an auditorium and a sport stadium. For each location there is a position of a host of the gathering and a political candidate. The host can manipulate sound and visual effects as “close-up” on the candidate, “close-up” on the audience and the applauds to particular speech. The first group of students who participated in 3D electoral debates had evidenced a real-life simulation and gained a unique experience close to the real political events. After initial testings, IDmap plans to broaden students participation in the platform to bring its students valued input of political life.

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