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Description of the course: Is an introduction course aiming to teach the basics of Internet advertising. The course is split into 3 stages: understanding of basic concepts; evaluation of requirements and costs of advertising; starting and finishing a short-term Internet campaign. The course is tailored to the level of advanced non-professional Internet users. It teaches how to get the most from the campaigns according to objectives and budgets. The course goes beyond the basics of the traditional online syllabus and instead offers valuable learning experiences for every student.

“Online media planning is very different to traditional planning because the scope for channels and eventual delivery vastly exceeds those offered by the likes of TV. It is possible to buy ‘off the shelf’ formats but the true richness of the medium is at its strongest when a plan is centred around the creative idea and what will best engage the audience… “. From Media Planning and Buying
Registration and Payment for the course

  • Potential participants: Students of Communication and Media Departments, professionals, small business owners, governmental officials
  • Duration: 14 weeks (3 months)
  • Schedule: next intake – ongoing (upon registration)
  • Assignments of the course:
    • guided personal project on an Internet Advertising campaign
    • Weekly multi-choice exams
    • Final report on the project
  • Price: 590$US                            only 189$ 

Topics of the course:

    1. What is the Internet advertising?
    2. Channels and ways to advertise
    3. Understanding advertising terms and vocabulary
    4. Advertising campaigns tools and software
    5. Formats and platforms
    6. Studying the audience
    7. Research on competitors and industry trends
    8. Building a short and long term campaigns
    9. Managing your resources

Testimonials – Sandra Clifford: “The food industry I’m working it is full of competitors and offers. It’s very tough field. This summer we opened a Web site which was designed to keep the orders of our restaurant. After 3 weeks we discovered that no one knows about it. I found the information about IDmap course and finished it and now our site is on the Top of Google at our area and the orders are just popping out the site. I’m very grateful for all the help IDmap gave me!”

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