Online Certificate Programs

IDmap Institute developed comprehensive online certification programs, that answer needs of trainees in different areas of security training. Our trainees can enroll with very basic knowledge on the subject and then grow during the classes to achieve the Master and Advanced professional level. During the initial process of evaluation for IDmap Institute certificate online programs, we analyze the general knowledge of the learner, her understanding on specific subject, level of experience, ability to handle common situations, ability to solve new and unknown tasks and else.

IDmap Institute then creates a personal learning profile, which enables us to offer each student materials that are tailored for her learning style and abilities. Online courses certificate programs of IDmap Institute are created to maximize the input of the online classes through very relatively short time using multi-media, gaming, simulation, AI and other tools to enhance learning experience. IDmap Institute is proud to be the first online college offering training program on academic level that provides tight fellowship and guidance to its trainees.