Diploma in Internet Politics

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Diploma in Politics and Mobilization on the Internet (4 courses)

Political Campaigning and partisanship on the Internet

It is impossible to understand the current state of modern politics without understanding the role of the Internet in it. The Internet media are at the center of current debates over the parties politics. In this course we will examine the ways politicians attempt to use the Internet media (both in campaigns and while in office), the ways we consume media, and the impact that media consumption has on our opinions, attitudes, and values. This course will be of use to anyone with an interest in political science, communications, sociology, psychology, or simply an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of the political and social world in which we live.

Work of NGOs and International organizations on the Internet

Much of what an NGO does is to gather, process and disseminate information. The combination of computers and telecommunications has been named Information technology, because of its major impact on all the these activities. The myriad ways in which computers can be used in an NGO lie beyond the scope of this paper. What concerns us here is the communications aspect. This is a consistently reliable and accurate source of information will soon build aid its fund-raising efforts.

Administrating Internet campaign

Anyone seriously seeking information is increasingly likely to be on the Internet with thousands of newsgroups and mailing lists, it should not be hard for the NGO to reach the right people anywhere in the world. However, the Internet frowns on overt commercialism in most areas, so the right approach may be to put out some information free. Those wanting more detailed information will get in touch, whom the NGO might subsequently discreetly solicit funds from. The course will show the trends of political campaigning of the recent years and will help the students to get the tools how the political message can be advanced through the Net.

Political advertising and slogging on Internet

Numerous political campaigns launched in the recent years over the Internet show that the Internet political reality differs from the offline one. The campaigns focuses on the different issues, raising different form of political debate and are structured differently from the political opponents.

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