Diploma in Editing and Linguistics on the Internet (4 courses)

  • Net slang, jargon, acronyms and messaging
Emailing, bloging and Internet chatting become a part of everyday human routine of the modern society. This type of leisure also droves of social significance developing a new vocabulary and sentences structure of its own. C u and 10x aren’t spread anymore by only high school pupils but became a part of the daily conversation of theirparents as well. Students of this course will study the history, trends and the recent developments of the net slang, jargon, acronyms and messaging language. Each of the student will prepare a personal project dedicated for the themes of the course.
  • Editing on the Net
This course will teach the convenient and affordable online editing and documentation support techniques. Students will learn basics of fast hand on-demand editing and ways of editing of web pages online. The teachers will explain the methods of making online documents of a range of document types, including academic documents (articles, papers, theses, dissertations and proposals), business documents (memos, brochures and marketing materials, proposals, catalogs, etc.), and technical documents (user guides, online help, etc.).
  • Linguistics of the Internet
This is an advance course of Internet linguistics which can be suitable for the professional editors as well the English language students. Students will learn the vocabulary of the slang, different pronunciations of Web terminology, Internet abbreviations, Internet keyboard symbols and shortened words are often methods of abbreviation in Internet slang. They will learn the new dialects of the Internet slang, their popularity and spread such as leet and Lolspeak.
  • English Business Netspeak
The business community developed a language of their own on the Net. Through the B2B operations and LinkidIn business social services, the English language of the Internet businesses is not a formal contract language the MBA graduates used to communicate on. It became more personal, non-official as well as direct and obvious. The students will learn the basics of the business Internet communication, what are the most popular and adequate forms of conversation, how to translate an informal Internet business chat to an official document language. This course can be of great help both for all kinds of businessmen conducting their business through Internet.

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