Diploma in e-Ducation on the Internet (5 courses)
  • Ethics and Technology of education on the Internet
This course is designed to introduce the ethical issues relating to the use of technology in education. The course will examine the present and future controversies surrounding the integration of technology into the instructional process and educational institutions. Students will address the issues of information and intellectual property, privacy issues in a digital environment and the relationship ofindividual, governmental, and societal concerns in an ever advancing and changing electronic community. Topics and Objectives include: Methods for Analyzing Ethical Issues, Intellectual Property, Computer Use Policy and Ethics, Cybercrime, Internet and Web Page Policy, Plagiarism in the Electronic Environment, Legal Issues relating to Electronic Mail, Ethical and Equity Issues in Educational Settings, and Staff Development and Ethics.
  • The use of Internet for teaching in the Elementary school
Nowadays we face the fast development of science and contemporary communication technologies and both have great impact on the use of new and more effective methods in education. The course suites as working educational professional as well as educational students of Elementary School units and would like to present, what teachers are experience while involving a computer and Internet in the learning process. The course involves students in the opportunity to try new ways of presenting, handling, learning and exchanging educational materials concerning traffic in 2nd and 3rd classes.
  • Internet in Education
The course focuses on the applications of the Internet in education. Students will be using an Internet Service Providers (such as AOL and RoadRunner) as gateways to the Internet. Topics include: educational resources on the World Wide Web, copyright issues, webpage construction (HTML), evaluation of websites, WebQuests and other techniques for using the Internet to enhance instruction. The student will work independently, with the remote support (via email or phone communications) of the Course Instructors, to complete all course products and master all course objectives.
  • The use of the Internet for teaching in the Primary & High schools
In the sphere of education there are more and more changes. One of biggest changes in later days is initiation of Remote or Internet Primary school. This has modernized and in a way changed method of teaching and working. The students of the course will learn how to use computers, digital cameras, printers, scanners and somewhere also Internet in class. They will be shown how to start and what to do with all this, when they’ll know that the pupils are just in the beginning of their education process.
  • Internet software for education
The course project is optional and should demonstrate your understanding of telecommunications, as it relates to education. Possible projects include creating a WebQuest, a Web Lecture, or a Website for your school/class.

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