Diploma program in Virtual reality and identity

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Diploma in Virtual world analysis and Computing Identity (5 courses)

First life and the Second life on the Internet

The aim of this course is to illustrate some of the concepts discussed in the broadcast media in a particular setting termed the “Virtual Reality”. Here, the “Virtual Reality” is used to describe a setting where any electronic cue to the persons identity is entirely under their own control. In the case of text based systems the person using the system creates the own identity (or identities) through the use of descriptive text. In systems such as SecondLife participant is free to select which ever avatar(s) they wish.

Ways of interactions with the Virtual Reality

This course is an implementation of the IDmap’s research project to provide a substrate of geometric data structures and algorithms which allow the distributed construction and modification of a Virtual Reality, efficient interaction between objects by programming. The course provides the examples of the structuring and real building of the objects and their identification in the Virtual Reality.

Creating real features in Avatar’s objects

The course introduces the world of high-performing computers and telecommunications which drive the rapid evolution of devices that facilitate learning This course focused on new types of devices that might be used in a Learning (educational) Context. It discusses Interface Issues for Smart Objects, Interface Issues for Knowledge Webs and Interface Issues for Virtual Communities

Learning and sharing of Information

The course teaches what turns to be a successful Avatar of the Virtual Reality World. It also provides a common specification for how to handle ones virtual representation in 3D worlds, as it crosses between worlds created by different vendors is what is holding back the deployment of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).

Virtual People Chat

This course will provide some examples of chat rooms. However diminished popularity in the last years as Google and other conglomerates close their Virtual Chats projects, it is expected yet that with the entrance of High-speed band the service reopen and will provide new experiences to the browsing.

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