From the beginning of the upcoming schooling year the IDmap Institute will offer the following online Diploma programs:
  • Editing and Linguistics on the Internet (4 courses)
1. Net slang, jargon, acronyms and messaging
2. English Business Netspeak
3. Editing on the Net
4. Linguistics of the Internet
  • Politics and Mobilization on the Internet (4 courses)
1. Political Campaigning and the partisanship on the Internet
2. Work of NGOs and International organizations on the Internet
3. Administrating Internet campaign
4. Political advertising and slogans on Internet
  • Advertising on the Internet (5 courses)
1. Sourcing, cost analysis and measurement of online media.
2. Tools of Internet advertising
3. Basics of Website development and promotion.
4. Public Relations (PR) on the Internet
5. Effectiveness of the Internet campaign
  • Law & Security on the Internet (6 courses)
1. Basics of Internet security
2. Cryptography and Internet security
3. Digital crime and digital terrorism
4. Digital crime: legislation, law enforcement and investigation
5 .Digital crime: type, nature and extent
6. Future of digital crimes and digital terrorism: prevention and trends
  • e-Ducation on the Internet (6 courses)
1. Ethics and Technology of education on the Internet
2. Internet in Education
3. Internet software for education
4. The use of Internet for teaching in the Elementary school
5. The use of the Internet for teaching in the Primary & High schools
  • Virtual world analysis and Computing Identity (5 courses)
1. First Life and Second Life on the Internet
2. Making sense of the avatar debate
3. Distributed and Collaborative Synthetic Environments –
4. Shared Synthetic Environments as Learning Objects
5. Virtual People Chat

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