Eyal Pinko, PhD cand.

Mr. Pinko served in the Israeli Navy for 23 years. After serving in Navy he joined the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office to serve for five years as Head of Division for Security matters.

He retired of Israeli Army as Navy Commander (CDR.) From 2017 on Mr. Pinko works as Senior Consultant for the Israeli National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA). Mr. Pinko also provides in-depth research and consulting services to defense and civilians public and private organizations in the filed of Cyber Security and Business Intelligence.  Currently he also conducts research as Research Fellow at the Haifa Maritime Policy and Strategy Research Center (Haifa University).

Mr. Pinko holds Master of Science degree (M-Sc.Eng.) in Electronics engineering and Master degree in Political Science and organizational development.

PhD Thesis of Mr. Pinko in Bar-Ilan University (Israel) on “Asymmetrical maritime warfare” is expected for submission for PhD degree evaluation in 2018.

Selected publications:

Russian Anti-Access/Area-Denial (A2/AD) in the Mediterranean Arena, 2018

Iran’s maritime strategy (Hebrew), 2018
The naval campaign against the rebels (Hebrew), 2018
The naval campaign against the Huthi rebels in Yemen (Hebrew), 2018
The seizure of an underwater vehicle unmanned by the Houthi rebels in Yemen (Hebrew), 2018