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Distance Learning FAQ

The best way to find out what you can study is by visiting courses and seeing what’s currently available. One of our goals when starting NSG College was to offer courses that were in high demand. We wanted to give you a taste of some of the most popular areas in higher education, including management, advertising and education. By taking these courses, you’ll learn valuable skills that you can apply to your studies, career and personal interests. How do I find a course? The easiest way to find a course is by going to the free courses page on homepage of distance learning classroom design, which is where all of our free courses are listed. You can also go to the educators page according to your distance learning classroom design to find courses that are offered by a particular institution or organisation. Simply click on the educator name, and the relevant courses will be listed below their profile.

You should fill the form at the end of each course or submit general application form on Contact us page

Every course is split into four weeks, or modules. Each module covers a number of topics, and each topic is taught with a short video (usually about 5-10 minutes). Once you’ve finished watching each video, you’ll be able to take a quiz to test your knowledge. These quizzes aren’t mandatory, but they’re a great way to check how well you understand the topic (learn more about distance learning classroom design). Once you’ve completed all the topics in a module, you’ll have a short assessment to complete according to your distance learning classroom design. The assessments open at the start of each week, and remain open until the end of the course. It’s best to complete the assessment after you’ve watched the week’s video lectures – and be sure to complete them all by the end of the course according to your distance learning classroom design, as we can’t extend them beyond that date. Learn more about assessments on distance learning classroom design. Each module will take 2-4 hours to complete, including watching topic videos, taking quizzes and taking assessments, so remember to set some time aside to get everything done (learn more about distance learning classroom design) Some courses are self paced. These courses are identified as self paced on the course page, and do not have set starting dates or deadlines. Learn more about self paced courses.

Self paced courses allow you to enroll anytime and study at the pace that suits you. As soon as you enroll in a self paced course, you’ll be able to access all the materials, videos and assessments in your course classroom according to your distance learning classroom design. You can then complete the course as quickly or slowly as you like. As with other NSG College courses, a final grade of 60% or above is considered a passing grade and will earn you a Certificate of Achievement. You can download the certificate as soon as the course finish date has passed. Self paced courses provide a lot of flexibility, but also require some additional self-motivation. To help you stay on track, we’ll email you once a week for the first four weeks – but remember, you don’t need to study to this schedule unless it suits you.

All of our courses are assessed using multiple choice tests at the end of each module corresponding your distance learning classroom design. Each week’s assessment of distance learning classroom design opens on Monday and should be completed once you have watched the lecture videos of the corresponding Module of your distance learning classroom design. All assessments will close when the course ends, so be sure to complete them before that date as extensions are not possible. For each course, you must achieve an average mark of at least 60% across the entire course to pass. You can miss one assessment and still be eligible to pass; however, you will be awarded 0% for that assessment so you will need to maintain high grades in the other three assessments to get a 60% average and pass the course. Don’t forget – your total score is an average calculated from the number of modules in a course, not the number of assessments you complete, so if you miss an assessment then you’ll have to get a higher score on the remaining assessments to pass.

Your instructor determines the time of video-lessons depending on the level within the group and the schedule of the Learning system. In most courses a lesson will be once a week. If the time set for the video-lesson doesn’t work with your schedule, you can ask the instructor if he/she can customize a video call or if you can view the group’s recorded lesson.

After receiving your login and password at the beginning of class, you will receive access to the learning section (eLearning in distance learning classroom design section). Click on the name of the course for which you are registered. The course will open a menu with a list of future classes. This page will contain materials for the first lesson that you can either read then or download to read later, a presentation of the lesson provided by particular distance learning classroom design, study materials and lists of readings or videos. In your School Board (Calendar button in the top menu), you can know the scheduled time of video-lessons, any changes, tests, or other class meetings. We strongly recommend that you visit the School Board every time you are entering the system to be updated to allow correct distance learning classroom design. You will need to complete the course requirements, pass exams or submit a personal project on time. To complete the course, you will either need to submit your work or pass a test.

The system supports learning tests with a time limit or with no time limit either at a set time or tests with accurate personal dates. You will be informed of the type of test(s) that will be administered through a course so that you may prepare accordingly.

Personal and group assignments corresponding distance learning classroom design are put into School Board (your personal Calendar) when you enter the educational portal of eLearning on distance learning classroom design. You should be updated every time you enter the system to avoid misunderstandings. For completing the guided project, responsibilities like reading the recommended articles, will be you sent to your personal email.

You can get started by enrolling in a course today! Then we’ll send you an email reminder the week before your course is due to start. You can find a course start date by rolling your mouse over the course image, or visiting that course’s page by clicking on distance learning classroom design icon. Once you’ve enrolled, you can find your course’s start date in My study centre. Your course will open at 9 am European Standard Time. To find your time zone, please go to We try to offer our courses every five weeks according to distance learning classroom design, so if the current start date doesn’t suit you, keep checking back for when the next one becomes available. And remember, we run on European Standard Time, so dates might be different where you are distance learning classroom design.

All dates and times on our website and in our emails refer to European Standard Time. Remember to convert all course and module start dates and all assessment dates and times into your own time – we’d hate for you to miss out! To find your time zone, please go to

No. Once your course starts, you’ll be able to access the learning materials around the clock by your distance learning classroom design. All materials are available as soon as the course starts, except assessments which are made available each Monday and remain open until the end of the course. There are no live events, and no need to be online at a specific time.

You and your classmates will have exclusive access to limited features of your old classroom once the course finishes. Within your completed course classroom you’ll be able to access course videos, additional materials and quizzes. The discussion forum will stay open for one month following the course’s end date on your distance learning classroom design, and during this time you’ll be able to use the forum in the same way you did when the course was running distance learning classroom design.

NSG College lets you dip your toe in the water to decide if online learning suits you – you can try one course or try them all, and it takes just four weeks for you to learn something new. Once you’re done, you’ll have picked up new knowledge and skills that you can start applying straight away in your distance learning classroom design. If you achieve an overall average at least 60% for your course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement. While this certificate isn’t a formal qualification from your educator, you can use it to demonstrate your interest in and passion for a certain course to potential employers, universities, and other educational institutions. We also have a range of badges to earn so that you can get recognized for your learning. Learn more about badges.

If you’re looking for a recognized qualification such as a bachelor degree, a postgraduate course or a vocational certificate or diploma, then accredited online study is the right choice for you. NSG College is a leader in online learning regarding Middle Eastern Political Economy you can study this subject in depth when and where it suits you, and get qualified online. To check out some of the qualifications available through NSG College, take a look at the accredited study options.

The courses we teach are guided by Lecturers in higher educational institutions and our syllabus are adjusted to the requirements of these institutions; some institutions recognize our courses and will grant credits. Students should verify with their educational institution whether recognition for credits will be granted in your distance learning classroom design.

After the course has ended, we will send you a certificate in PDF format indicating the completion of the course. If you would like, your certificate can indicate your final score or the level of study you completed. You may also request a paper certificate at an additional charge.

Our institute manages a series of in-depth studies on topics related to the behavior of users on the Internet. You can participate in the research of the Institute as a research assistant for personal projects and work during your studies with NSG College. To participate in research projects you will need to fill in the registration form (click “Register” on the top menu). Instead of choosing “desired courses” choose “I want to participate in the Institute’s research in the field of…”. We will send you a questionnaire form and will examine your research qualifications to serve as an assistant according to your distance learning classroom design.

As the author of the work, you hold the copyright for that work and are allowed to publish it. You must note; however, that the work was done during your studies with NSG College and the name of the NSG College Lecturer should be mentioned on the front page.

To register an account, simply click the ‘Register now’ link at the top-right of your screen icon on distance learning classroom design. You can choose to register using your email address, or if you don’t want to remember another password, you can register with your existing Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account. If you choose to link one of your social media accounts, you may be asked to confirm or add some details when you register, such as your name and screen name. You’ll also be asked to confirm that your profile is viewable by other NSG College students. If your profile is viewable, other students will be able to see the details you choose to add to your profile. To learn more about your profile, see How does my profile work?

If you forget your password, simply click the ‘Sign in’ link at the top of your screen, and click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link in the sign in box. We’ll ask you to enter your email address and we can email you a link to reset your password.

Once you’ve registered an account, go to free courses, and then click on or search for a course that interests you. You can easily enroll by clicking the ‘Register now’ button on the course details page. That’s all there is to it! You can enrol until the end of the course’s second week, after which point the next start date will open for enrollment. Remember, if you enrol in a course that has already started, you’ll have a little catching up to do.

Your profile is how other NSG College students will see you in My study centre. If your profile is viewable, other NSG College students can see the information you choose to add to your profile and the badges you’ve earned. But if you’re not interested in badges, you can opt out of them from the Settings page in your profile. With a viewable profile, you’ll benefit from being able to share and communicate more openly with other students. We encourage students to keep their profiles viewable to build a stronger community where people can get to know and connect with their fellow students. If your profile is not viewable to other students then you will not be able to connect with other students, and any information or images you add to your profile will only be visible to you. You can update your profile and edit the visibility of your profile, by going to My study centre and clicking the ‘Update my profile’ link in the sidebar. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. Learn more about how we will use your information.

 If you have any general or technical questions about studying through NSG College and using the website, you can ask these in the Help group in the community forum. An Online Learning Facilitator will be available to help guide students through the course, but as the instructors are not monitoring the NSG College forums, we really encourage you to support one another and share ideas. If you have questions about the course you’re studying, you can ask them in that course’s discussion board, which is below the topic video in your classroom.

NSG College is committed to providing courses and web content that can be accessed by anyone. The NSG College website has been developed to meet a range of accessibility principles, and we endeavor to continually review and enhance our website to improve accessibility for all users including those using supportive technology or accessibility features. If you have any feedback about our website accessibility or are having difficulty accessing any content, please get in touch with us using the feedback form available from the right hand side of this page.

If you decide not to continue with a course, you can withdraw from it at any time. Just go to My Study Centre and find the course you wish to withdraw from, then click on the ‘Show modules’ link and you’ll see the ‘withdraw’ option. Courses are repeated several times each year, and you’re welcome to re-enroll in any course you’ve withdrawn from.

We have two types of forums at NSG College – the community forum, and individual classroom discussion boards. The community forum is where you can talk about studying through NSG College, including questions about getting started, course suggestions, and telling other students about your experience. Simply click on the group that’s relevant to you, and join the conversation! If you want to talk about your course, you can ask a question or start a discussion in your classroom. Ask a question to ask something specific about a topic or module, or start a discussion to make a general comment about your course. In both the classroom discussion boards and community forums you can comment on other students’ questions and comments, vote them up or down, or flag them as spoilers or inappropriate. A spoiler is a post that reveals something about a course that could impact the other students’ experience (e.g. an answer to a quiz or assessment question), while inappropriate content is typically insulting or discriminatory. If you flag a question as a spoiler, other students will not be able to see that question, but will see a spoiler alert instead. If they still want to see the question, they can click on the spoiler alert to see the thread in distance learning classroom design. If a question or comment is flagged as inappropriate, it will be sent to the NSG College moderator, who will decide whether it should be removed.

You’ll see social sharing icons across our site, which you can use to share courses and spread the word about NSG College with your friends, through Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Simply click the icon and you’re good to go!

To register for the courses of the Institute, click on the “Register” button at the top of the page. Fill in the form and name the course(s) you would like to register for. We will send you an email with a payment invoice or you can continue to the online registration at the next step. For online registration please choose the course(s) that you would like to register for. You can pay for them via credit card, deposit into a checking account (manual payment) or by a direct bank account transfer. Please allow a few days for the payment system to update. After receiving your payment, we will issue you a user name and a password which will allow you to login and wait for the beginning of the class at the time specified.

You would be able to login after you successfully register for a course(s) or a Diploma program. Your username and password will be sent to your email inbox that you provided on your registration form. You can login in on the top row by entering the username and password you received. Please make sure your browser allows cookies.

The system allows browsing and learning using a simple web browser according to the distance learning classroom design; however, to participate in real time you should obtain an external video camera (or one installed on your computer), a headphone and a microphone. You can participate in the video-lessons without a camera and a microphone, but you will be able to ask questions through chat only. [/accordion]

We refer our students to a list of databases that are used for studies at the Institute.

After entering the learning portal (eLearning) according to your distance learning classroom design, click on the course name and tag “my tests” to see your test results.

Yes. You can submit an appeal to a lecturer and the Secretary if you disagree with the results of a test or work you’ve submitted. If you are granted an appeal, you would be able to submit the test or work again.

Normally you can contact a Lecturer by email; however, some professors will allow phone calls or personal chats with students to help clarify assignments.

Depending on your circumstance, you can freeze the course and continue it at another time. However, we cannot guarantee the extent and scope of the group of the same course in the future. If the course is taught by another lecturer who has other requirements or frames different studies, it will be impossible to get credit or recognition for the lessons learned so far.

All of our programs incorporate:

√ Comprehensive readings and video material – The curriculum is built for beginners or advanced students.  Through years of online teaching, we are proud to bring our students the best reading and video materials.

√ Quizzes and guiding questions – Each lesson you receive will be followed up by a detailed description of distance learning classroom design, vocabulary, and quizzes which will guide you through your learning process.

√ Scheduled guidance – You can schedule extra weekly guidance from one of our Faculty or assistants to receive direction for your project.  You can use our Blog to send comments, questions or to share information you find interesting.  What is interesting to you is most likely interesting to our Faculty and other students learning with you.

√ Advancement testing – We want everyone to receive the knowledge and the tools we are so keen to share on the many issues covered.  You can test your knowledge through quizzes and open-ended questions and can even compare your progress with others.  If you still have questions or concerns on distance learning classroom design, you are free to ask for help at any time.

√ Privacy of records and answers – You decide when you want to share your records with others.  If you didn’t do well on a test, you can opt-in to exclude the grade from the final Certificate.  When you are happy with your results you can issue your own Document of Accomplishment of the course, add it to your CV and implement the knowledge you received in your course.  Your knowledge is the best reward for our Faculty’s efforts and work.

If you choose the Professional Certification option you will also receive:

Project Guidance – You will be guided through your own practical project.  After submitting, your project will be evaluated and referred.  Once completed, you can publish, print and make your project public in distance learning classroom design.  There is no better way to establish professional communication but to show your work to others.

If you choose the Advanced Professional Certification option you will also receive:

Evaluation of the industry – Through our extensive connections within the industry, we provide additional feedback for the projects of our students by experts and know-how people.  Don’t be afraid to get the recognition you deserve from the real world! Learn more about distance learning classroom design of NSG College.

Certification Process

We designed a simple certification process which combines the review of your records and project work to accord with distance learning classroom design for your highest satisfaction to provide you with the bet distance learning classroom design.  Our Faculty will discuss several features of your work including originality, scholarship achieved, critical judgment, and familiarity with relevant research.  If your work fails to satisfy these conditions our research assistants will help you to improve it.  Our goal is to bring excellent research to make you and us proud of all of the hard work you’ve done!

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