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Description of the course: The reality today is that millions of people are now playing games on the Internet with one another or creating alternate realities for themselves in which they invest hundreds of hours and have even developed their own vernacular. The course takes the students into a journey through content, modes, degree of personalization involved, issues of social freedom, justice of gaming, slang, Groups, Clans and Guilds vs FPS – bureaucracy in the gaming world.

“Michael Wesch, cultural anthropologist at Kansas State University, has studied how new media are changing the way people relate to each other and thinks there is great potential for the traces left behind to speak to future generations. In one future he imagined, the dead themselves might become avatars: “Computers may gather all those traces, and my son could get online, and have interactions with a computer-generated entity that would simulate what I would be like,” he said.”, By Chris V. Nicholson, November 1, 2009, NYT

  • Potential participants: Students of Communication and Media Departments, professionals, small business owners, governmental officials
  • Duration: 14 weeks (3 months)
  • Schedule: next intake – ongoing (upon registration)
  • Assignments of the course:
    • guided personal project
    • Weekly multi-choice exams
    • Final report on the project
  • Price: 590$US                            only 189$! 

Topics of the course:

  1. The History and Genres of Online Games
  2. The Ethics and peculiarities of the Gaming World
  3. Platforms, genres and trends
  4. Why do they play and how seriously do some of them take it?
  5. Is it an individual experience or a social interaction?
  6. Online gaming and realities: forums, YouTube, eBay, websites
  7. Money: paying and profiting
  8. Ownership, property and copyright in the Virtual Worlds
  9. Relationships, obsessions and addictions
  10. Danger to society or merely another hobby?

Testimonials – Colin Green: “As a Computer Department student I became a fan of gaming programming during my school. Whilst developing a game you actually need to understand what brings people to play and how they play. After finishing this course I took my expertise to the next level and I now understand not only technical but also sociological and psychological aspects of the Internet gaming.”

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