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Welcome to IDmap Research and Training Institute

We are an education center in management and cybersecurity

Certificate programs of the Institute provide skills, tools, and knowledge related to information security, technology, and society. 
Our programs combine International security and safety theories with international work methods and global regulation.

Courses and Certifications

Training for smart city technologies is essential in both the private and public sectors. It involves dealing with security issues and management.

A course for decision-makers that enables them to recognize common types of cyber attacks on personal and organizational information.

A global trading analyst course for digital currencies teaches learners to independently analyze a global investment portfolio.

We will learn about migration laws, international art, the rights and duties of migrants, the economics of migration.

The course teaches technologies and tools for biometric examination of subjects, monitoring of recordings, and analysis.

Course that provides tools for analyzing events in the Middle East from a different perspective by combining in-depth materials.

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