IDmap is UK accredited research and training institute aiming to educate learners and experts, utilizing unique methodologies and advanced technologies, for example machine learning and social multi-level AI administered learning:

IDmap Institute is an international training authority, operating to transfer first instance knowledge on information security, technology and social challenges. Our courses are based on Israeli Security Doctrine, international best practices, and UK and International regulation in Information Security and Cyber.

The vision of IDmap is to create educational technology, methodology and resources for Security and Government forces to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century. IDmap provides robust eLearning platform for security companies and trainers to advance their training outreach. At IDmap we align learning materials with the requirements of the international and national regulating entities and enable credits transfer. IDmap is a self-certified training organisation, operating under control of elected Certification Committees. The Committees overview curriculum and syllabus, certification criteria and eligibility of granting final Certificates. IDmap offers updated programs in Cyber, Homeland Security and Immigration and Security Management for different levels of expertise.