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Description of the course: Digital writing Internet text messages is coming increasingly mobile and language encourages playful and creative use of language as a result of technical constraints of the medium. During this course we will examine the ways in which we transmit messages and discuss new media, we point on the “Reynaud term changes” in light of the various norms and skills that require application of medium and us as we recognize unique characteristics: age, gender and different cultures. We will  examine a variety of cases as we treat applications such as chat rooms, forums, instant messaging, social networks, mobile phone, talkbacks, YouTube, blogs, etc.; recognize a variety of practices and patterns of discourse such as Fliiming, Sfaming, Troling, reputation management, courtesy, sharing, power relations and more.

“A sure sign that a new variety has arrived in the language is when its distinctive features come to be used and recognized outside its original situation. In the case of Netspeak, several of its distinctive forms can be encountered in the ‘real world’ (defined by netizens as ‘that which cannot be accessed via a keyboard’)… At the same time, a great deal of the lexicon of Netspeak has entered the general vocabulary, and continues to do so…”. By David Crystal, Electronic variation

Outline of the course:

  • Computer mediated communication: synchronization and asynchronization
  • Text space, communities of speech and visual speech acts
  • Multimedia and multi-modality: setting norms and skills of the language
  • Email speech, Netspeak, SMS
  • Speech properties on gender representation
  • L33t hackers speak
  • Playful expression on creative writing
  • Viral distribution mechanisms and Storytelling Blogs
  • Response and feedback mechanisms
  • Strident (Flaming), exclusion, silencing and harassment (spamming, trolling)

Testimonials – Jeff Kupiza: “I’m a Student for Philosophy and a fan of chat rooms! I used to spend hours a night trying to find people to talk with on the Internet, but I got sick of getting spammed by guys only interested in trying to get me to flirt and cyber with them. I even didn’t understand what are the codes for an intelligent discussion and how do I find the right people.After finishing the course, I could easily moderate sites and forums and finally found friends with whom I can talk. Thank you very much for a wonderful course!”

  • Potential participants: Students of Communication and Media Departments, professionals, journalists, governmental officials
  • Duration: 14 weeks (3 months)
  • Blog and Forum of the course: available
  • Languages of video-lessons: English
  • Schedule: next intake – ongoing (upon registration)
  • Assignments of the course:
    • Guided personal project
  • Price: 390US$                               only 90$!

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