Internet Party in New Zealand

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Internet Party of Kim Dotcom New Zealand

New Zealand has real chance to become country of virtual politics where Internet Party could be represented in local parliament. Previous attempts included Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian Internet parties, receiving too little support to be elected.

New Zealand’s Internet party headed by Kim Dotcom internet mogul, declared on 27th of March on launching a party. According to the current pools party has started registering support, as in a new political poll 0.4% supporters among New Zealanders consider voting in favor. Although the figure is too small to become MP, yet the party can combine with Mana Party of New Zealand, thus creating an election coalition and be elected to the parliament. The elections threshold of New Zealand stands on 1.5% of voters, combining the two metrics of Mana Party (of 1.1%) and of the newly created Internet Party (of 0.4%) can secure both leaders 2 seats in the New Zealand’s parliament.

The ideological lines of the new Internet political entity  are drown very broadly by Mr. Dotcom as he claims that the Internet Party would serve as a “movement for the freedom of the internet and technology, for privacy and political reform,” says the 40-year-old, according to the BBC.

These issues are of concern to many of Internet users and can find some support as the main political reason of voting, however the figure of the leader can be retaining of support. It’s nevertheless an interesting development in combination of Internet and politics and probably will be subject for practice copy in other countries as well.

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