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Life-long education

  • Are you petrified by searching the Net?
  • Does the word e-mail makes you tremble?
  • Does Internet jargon seems like gobbledygook?
  • Have you tried to put the modem upside down only to give up in despair?
Now there’s good news! At our Institute we developed special short programs that target seniors – and all who suffers from Internet anxiety!
All your questions answered on real time, personal approach to each student!
Our programs are exactly what it helps you to do! Our short courses run on the Internet in a friendly way. No special devices, programs or equipment! Just your computer, ear hearings, simple microphone and you! Every lecture followed by printed examples and a CD of the lecture.
You’ll get the step-by-step instructions that begin from the very beginning: opening the web browser! In just 5 academic hours you’ll master dozens of Internet skills: browsing, saving pages and pictures, emailing messages and files, looking for information, reading ebooks, participating in chats and forums, etc.
We organized our lessons in easy-to-follow way that builds your skills and turns you into an Internet whiz! You’ll follow the lessons at your own pace…and move onto next level only when you feel ready.
Our courses is a very easy to use way to use. So whether you are a complete beginner – or someone who has tried and then given up on Internet – our courses is the perfect solution for you!
We offer different types of programs which can contribute and enrich your knowledge.
Special programs:
  • Exploration of the Net
  • Search of the Net
  • Searching the right things on the Net
Our special programs are specially designed to meet the needs of the populations like elderly, pensioners, retired people, disabled etc. Let’s hear few people sharing their experiences:
“This is the best course on Net about Internet I’ve ever come across – and I’ve met a few! Now I’m getting the most from the Internet”, M. Goldfish, Sidney
“I keep your text books and CDs right on my desk. Because whenever I have a problem with the information on Net – I know they will give me the solution”. N. Kuriza, Warszawa
“My grandchildren are amazed that I really surf the Net and even find them materials they need!” Y. Datson, Dublin
“I finally get it, after struggling with the links of the sites I read about… I have finally found a way to learn how to do the things I need to do”. R. Brown, Philadelphia
By signing up for our courses, you stand to gain from our personalized approach which corresponds with our group guided!
mode of learning. Our studies are also conducted in an ideas sharing and this increases your chance to have group interactions with other students as well as with our lecturers. Our lecturers are the best authorities on issues surrounding identity and they offer the most in-depth look at the issues we teach.
We hope to see you amongst our students!
To learn more about our amazing programs, contact us now:

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