At the NSG College we truly believe that the academic scholarship is better achieved through evaluation of colleagues and the research community. We therefore address the prominent academics and researchers in the field of Identity and Internet to become our readers and experts in the field.
Although being interdisciplinary the field of Identity and the Internet is narrow when specific theories are under review and broad in its applications. Its vocabulary is somewhat fluid and not permanent and yet it is significant and distinguished. That is why we tend to update our list of experts which should reflect recent changes in the development of the field as legal, political, special military programs, computing etc.
We are aware to the fact that the revolutionary and innovation ideas can be underestimated by the referees due to the personal conflicts or lack of knowledge in the specified filed. That is why we implicate the “blind referring” process of evaluation when experts receive a piece of work without any authors credentials.
Another routine procedure we apply to the submitted materials is their correspondence with the academic standards of referring and narration style. We usually follow Chicago or APA standards which are commonly accepted in the Social Sciences research.
That’s why papers submitted to the peer-process referring to our Institute Commissions can be considered a profound academic source in the fields of Identity and the Internet.

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