Privacy policy of IDmap Institute

Personal and Private Information: IDmap Institute  values Your privacy and therefore has set up this extensive Privacy Policy in order to notify you when and what is data stored, what is being processed and what is being disclosed to 3rd parties:

Safe Harbor: Though Company is not a US based organization, its privacy policy is in strict compliance with the US Export Authority’s Safe Harbor Principles ( and is in full and strict compliance with all European and UK privacy regulations.

Data Collected: IDmap Institute collects data about user’s and users’ activity including aggregated non-personal information, payment information, personal information, behavioral information and click-stream information. Company also retains certain information regarding transactions and purchases made via Platform. We declare collection of data on our site which is stored by 3rd parties, for example: Google etc. Since we do not collect the cookies but just allow collection on our site, it’s visitors responsibility to disconnect cookies collection using this link.

Data not collected: IDmap Institute is working with accordance to international regulation and EU standards of privacy and therefore shall never retain or request and information regarding ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union or political party membership, personal health, personal sexual preferences or personal sex life. IDmap Institute shall never retain or request data regarding user passwords or exact geographical location. You should report the privacy officer at IDmap Institute should you encounter any person or electronic service claiming to receive such information immediately.

No Duty To Retain Data: IDmap Institute may remove any data at any time and from time to time, according to policies set.

Personal Data: IDmap Institute retains information regarding user behavior and click-stream which may be mined or processed in order to generate non-personally identifiable user profiles or to profile a specific user under a specific non-personally identifiable user profile. IDmap Institute also retains your performance in courses, participation in class, and your submissions. IDmap Institute will NOT retain your credit card data; those are kept by external services (for example PayPal) or your credit card information. IDmap Institute will keep some payment data regarding amount of a transaction.

Non-personal Data: IDmap Institute logs non-personal information including, but not only, identifying the computer you are browsing from, your IP address, your session time and your visiting time to each webpage.

Collections of the data: Both non-identifiable personal and non-personal data are collected in the same manner: when You use Platform, a cookie is placed in your computer; IDmap Institute logs all your activities via raw access logs and 3rd party statistical services which adhere to this Privacy Policy.

Erase of data: Your account may be terminated at any time, according to your request. At Termination, IDmap Institute shall remove all personally identifiable data not required to retain according to law or accounting purposes. IDmap Institute shall never disclose Your personal identity to 3rd Parties and will never provide them with identifiable personal information without Your consent, any action on Your behalf, a court order or legal obligation. When You make purchases or physical transactions relating to Platform, we may disclose personally identifiable information to the 3rd party which you transacted with.

  1. Privacy Policy Conventions

European Convention on Human Rights v. Privacy Violations International Communication Surveillance