Our customers enjoy learning methodology services based on continuous research by IDmap Institute. Our College developed high-end tools to advance and support best online learning programs.

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IDmap Institute offers custom training programs of business online classes to train your employees, corporate fans and clients anywhere.  Let our team of political campaign experts enhance your political efforts and democratic participation, mobilize volunteers and public support.

IDmap Institute opens up online courses and certificates programs for Security and Government servants and employees. Our team provides a full list of online degrees for training instructors to evaluate, endorse and credit for achievements. Being a part of International Badges network, our Certification Committees develop comprehend policy for evaluation of IDmap Institute online certification courses.

Planning IDmap Institute programs, we address different needs of trainees: specific security skills, online courses with certificates and international learning credentials, tailored made general and special online programs. Our training Curriculum covers international fields such as international immigration, international cyber attacks and resilience, Middle Eastern conflict and refugees flows, intelligence and surveillance, national and homeland security and so on. IDmap Institute provides special skills courses by top-level lecturers and internationally credited professionals in online IT courses and follows online professional certifications requirement of top certification authorities in Security. IDmap Institute offers private online degree certification programs, which are self-certified by our Certification Committees.

You can subscribe to our unique corporate training program for political campaigns or help us customize and industry specific course for business online classes in:

  • Federal and governmental supporters outreach
  • Big corporations and market leaders
  • NGOs and non-profits
  • Public associations and professional organizations

You can request specific training programs by emailing us at

⇒ Experienced faculty

We offer an exclusive training program of business online classes guided by recognized academics, authors and experts in political campaigns management.  We have extensive experience in monitoring current and launching new publicity, support and awareness campaigns in the fields of crisis management, environmental awareness, welfare and healthcare promotion, income and gaps reduction, equal access and many more.  Because your vision is important to us, you will design the access of your staff to our program and levels of collaboration.

⇒ Trainers work with your staff hand-by-hand

Our team believes that people are happier in their workplace if they feel they are making a difference.  So, like you, we believe in stable career growth and personal development in business online classes.  Our faculty will work with your in-house training and campaign managers to improve your employee’s results and to bring your campaign to a new level.  Whether it is group projects, personal development courses or in-house video training, we will prepare a program that fits your needs.  Our testing and follow-up procedure is customized to monitor specific results and achievements.

⇒Training materials and assignments are ready for your staff

Our faculty and trainers will confirm and plan with you the themes, levels and involvement of your corporate training program.  Trainees will learn during scheduled hours approved by you during their work hours or extended lunch breaks.  Employees will not miss work to do their training or “attend” class of business online classes.

⇒Your group will gain knowledge together

You will decide who will lead your group of corporate trainees and select the issues your staff will focus on from the range of topics the entire course covers.  Our faculty and experts will review the internal distribution and assign viable tasks to obtain the best results.  We will follow your team to make sure they understand and implement the best campaign techniques of business online classes.

Our faculty will administer a specialized exam tailored to test the specific knowledge and expertise required.  They will update all of the team members, so each one of them will learn at the pace required and to ensure the members are gaining knowledge of the material.

⇒Team Certificates and Branded Training Program Certificates available

All of our corporate trainees are eligible to receive a special corporate training certificate.  We will design a unique certificate that you will be able to print out and present to the graduates of the program.  What better way to show your employees that you appreciate and are proud of their hard work.

⇒Our way of education is the best solution for your training needs

In today’s dynamic world, flexibility is a must!  Do you have employees who work a hectic schedule?  Maybe employees who are spread out across the globe look for business online classes?  Sounds that our online training program is the best solution for you!

⇒Compelling to industry standards

Our corporate online training for campaign management is designed to keep pace with other Security programs. Our program traces the basic lines for media and budget management of the best professional and academic courses in the field of project management.

Allow your employees to upgrade their knowledge with the most advanced information!