Smart Cities Certification Program

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Smart Cities Cyber Security

“How many IoT devices exist, with how many computing devices do they share data? How many others have access to that data and what decisions are being made with this data? No one really knows. We just don’t know.”  — Rebecca Herold, The Privacy Professor, at SecureWorld Atlanta

Cyber Security for Smart Cities offers real-life and practical solutions lectured and trained by top-level Cyber Security International Professionals to facilitate and advance robust Security levels in Smart Cities.

“The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.” ― Jane Addams

Students will have the opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge that will bring them to expertise to create, from their own worldview, innovative and sustainable ideas, guaranteeing a better quality of life in the smart cities of today and tomorrow.

Cyber Security In Smart Cities

Every day, the world seems to be edging closer to the total actualization of the smart city systems. As advantageous as this is, there is a need to consider the corresponding need for a heightened cybersecurity framework. This is important considering the fact that every crucial information pertaining to a city and its overall everyday function has been actively linked to connecting networks online, and any security bridge could prove rather disastrous.

There are a number of valid solutions that have been brought to the table, such as a detailed cyber-attack recovery plan or some other form of safeguarded backup, as well as threat override modules. But these solutions must be holistic, because with the increased adoption of smart city methods, one of the things that people and government must be ready to deal with, are the increased chances for hacker activities.

IOT And Cloud Communication in Cyber Smart Cities

Of particular interest, is the use of IoT devices and cloud communication routes for product functioning and service deliveries. If the ease of use and inestimable convenience that comes with all the newly developed IoT devices are pleasant enough, then there must be proactive measures that ensure the continued safety and functionality of these little miracles.

Provision and dissemination of Robust Solution for Cyber Smart Cities

Also of very utmost importance is the enforcement of privacy in smart cities. There are concerns about the safety of personal data flying about the clouds, via data transmission protocols and storage. If the validity of smart cities must be maintained, it would be germane to fix in cybersecurity methods that would ensure non-disclosure of personal and secret stored information.

The use case for smart cities is an accompanying fail proof cyber-security framework. In all essence, smart cities must not be initiated in any way, if there’s no real cyber-security back up model. Hence, it’s not about designing impressive smart city features alone, but also about the sustainability of such online structural edifices.

Topics covered in Program:

  • Cyber security infrastructure architecture for Smart Cities
  • Layers and technology convergence for Cyber Security in Smart Cities
  • Critical Smart cities infrastructures and Cyber Security
  • Threat factors in Smart Cities:
    • Availability threats
    • Integrity threats
    • Authenticity threats
    • Confidentiality threats
    • Non-repudiation/accountability threats
  • Cyber resilience and training for Smart Cities
  • Cyber privacy and regulation issues for Smart Cities
  • Continuity plan and strategy for Cyber Security in Smart Cities
  • Best practices and emerging technologies of Cyber Security and their implementation for Smart Cities
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cyber Security for Smart Cities
  • Cyber Security vision and realities in Smart Cities: case studies
  • The development of the society 5.0 through smart participation
  • Configuring smart governance
  • Innovation and ideation environments

Upon their choice, learners are invited to participate in International Seminar of Smart Cities Cyber Security, to create first-hand connections with professionals and colleagues.

Closing ceremony and Course online lessons set-up


The Certificate of the Program is inaugurated by 3 Research and Training Institutions:

  • Austral University (Universidad Austral) is Argentinian University, based in Buenos Aires. According to the QS World University Rankings Universidad Austral is the number 1 private University in Argentina. Austral University is one of the top 10 universities in Latin America.
  • With more than 15 years of intense research, CivesSolutions founders have formed the basis for the development of a new methodology on government and participation. The idea is based on a new alternative of intelligent education that brings great transparency, confidence and innovation to smart cities. Our tools and programs are the result of 5 years working in the field, directly with social organizations, entrepreneurs, universities and governments. Our vision is to create a 5.0 society capable of generating intelligent and sustainable solutions that facilitates greater innovation creation in smart cities and greater citizen satisfaction in real time.
  • IDmap Institute shares experience of 20 years of organisation of Scientific Conferences and International courses in Israel, combining thousands of participants. Together with strong Faculty of PhD level and top-former Security professionals, IDmap Institute cares the unique know-how of provision of best learning and training experience to its customers.

Who can join the Certification?

IDmap Institute Certification and Smart City Certification Academy Professional offer training and education for professionals and executions from the private and public sectors. It is aimed at key users:

  • Government officials in the field of development programs and social innovation in urban environments, entrepreneurs, directors, project leaders, local governments, educators, transporters, infrastructure builders, constructors, environmental and health specialized.
  • Startups that would like to incorporate social impact in urban areas.
  • Professionals, researchers and professors related to the subjects of citizenship, government, education, transport, infrastructure, construction, environmental, health, legal operators, lawyers etc.


During the certification, participants will receive information on: social inclusion in Smart cities, the creation of Smart Solutions, environmental benefits and various regulatory aspects of smart cities. In addition, detailed information will be provided on the existing relevant laws and aspects in various smart cities of the world.


The certification contains learning practices that will be carried out at the sites where they are being implemented. These practical sessions will allow knowing in detail the regulations that require the use of technologies focused on the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants.

What is included?

The learning program includes the material of the course.

Intensive Certificate Learning Program includes door-to-door coverage of:

  • Group transport from airport
  • Professional tours
  • On-site activities
  • Hotel
  • Meals during whole stay
  • Participation in Gala evening and business one-to-one and group meetings
  • Recreation: visit to Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Nazret
  • Closing activities

For more information:

IDmap InstituteCivesSolutions
+972 3 3720127 + 43 650 6226819

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