Social science students get 15% off

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An incredible agreement between IDmap and academic institutions is under way! Due to the repeating requests students of Higher Education institutions will be eligible for a 15% discount on the online courses of IDmap. The students need to provide an authentic documentation on their current studies within the institutions of Higher education. Decision on the granting the discount would be made by IDmap administration on the basis of the information provided.

The discount is not provided automatically but upon a request. It is the responsibility of each student to solicit this discount on registering. Once their registration has been processed, students may not apply for any type of discount. This discount is applicable all year round.

IDmap is also happy to announce following discount options:

  • Students registered to more than one course during the same time can receive a 10% discount on each course.
  • Senior citizens receive a 20% discount off for online courses, after presenting the necessary supporting documentation.

For more information on the registration procedures of IDmap please contact support@idmap.org

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