Students of IDmap use free e-Voting system

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Students of online course of Political campaigns on the Internet had participated in the practical experience lessons of eVoting. The students used simple software available on the Net. During the practice from December to January the students requited 30 participants of ages 18-70. The participants were planed to choose between 5 candidates representing 2 political parties. During December initial information about the candidates and their political platforms had been sent to the participant. In January the participants were asked to participate in the “Elections day” by the means of Internet based free software. The software enables issuing voting ballot for a verified participant shortly before the actual choice and encrypting the ballot shortly after the participant had made her choice.

The students had sent reminding notes three and one days before the “Elections day” to remind the participants to vote. The results of the eVoting show that there is higher response rate of the younger participants than the older participants by 25%. Although, the results of the testing are not statistically significant they can serve as a basic assumption on the influence of Age variable on the process of the eVoting.

For more results on eVoting and participation visit our webinar on Political Campaigns on the Internet on 6th of March. For more details and the reservations send an email to support@idmap.org.

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