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Description of the Course: Are teachers afraid to use the Internet for teaching and learning? During the course we will examine the nature of the highly publicized gap between the world we live in and the low level of Internet use in schools and try to draw outline for online pedagogy. Will be discussed: the cultural dimensions of the Internet: communication and access to information, online identity management, communication and establishing of a significant online community, instructions for online conversation, the Internet and fostering literacy text, design and learning environment in the Internet world, accessibility of learning materials. Towards the end of the image of “good student”, “good teacher “and the “Best School” reality in today’s Global web.

“For centuries the university model dominated because nothing else worked. No technology existed that might deliver an interactive, engaging educational experience without gathering students and teachers in the same physical space….These days broadband Internet, video games, social networks, and other developments could combine to create an online, inexpensive, super-convenient model for higher education”, by Kevin Maney, September 14, 2009, BusinessWeek

  • Potential participants: Students of Communication and Media Departments, professionals, small business owners, governmental officials
  • Duration: 14 weeks (3 months)
  • Schedule: next intake – ongoing (upon registration)
  • Assignments of the course:
    • guided personal project
    • Weekly multi-choice exams
    • Final report on the project
  • Price: 590$US                            only 189$

Topics of the course

  1. Internet Reality: what is the ‘normal school’?
  2. Identity Management in open anonymous Internet
  3. Communication and learning design on the Web
  4. Web-based learning processes
  5. Content management for learning
  6. Literacy reading and writing in the online reality
  7. Creating a group and questioning identity
  8. A real person virtual reality, subjects and communication
  9. Time management and teaching by online presence

Testimonials – Katty Prince: “I’m a student of classical Educational program. We learn everything from building a course to attention of destruction of kids. But there are no programs on Internet and its application in the Educational system. So when I found the information about this course I was very happy as it was exactly what I was missing”.

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