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Terror Prevention and IEDs

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The Institute of Identity Research (IDmap) was honored to welcome Professor Kennedy-Pipe of Hull University UK together with the delegation of academic experts from the UK.  The delegation participated in a practical workshop in Israel as part of the series of workshops on Radicalization and IED’s. The workshop in Israel will outline the work funded by the US Office of Naval Research, on predicting and profiling those who are likely to become involved in IED activity, conducted by the University of Hull an a number of other academic institutions in the UK, the USA, & Ireland
Whilst primarily focusing within the UK/European experience, “bestpractice” and experience from countries such as Sri Lanka have been integrated into the knowledge base. The inclusion of the Israeli experience is a significant addition to the project. Work undertaken to date on the exploration and the historical context of IEDs, including the identification of contemporary challenges posed by the IED network and discuss the possibilities of countering such networks.
International Workshop on Radicalization, Development and Prevention of IEDs was aimed to broaden the involvement of academic institutions in Israel in the subject. The aim was to understand radicalization and the process through which individuals and groups become engaged in the production, placement and use of IEDs – both in conflict zones and in domestic settings. The workshop reviewed the work undertaken to date on the exploration and the historical context of IEDs, including the identification of contemporary challenges posed by the IED network and discuss the possibilities of countering such networks.
Participants from the UK:

  • Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe (Head of British Delegation)

Caroline Kennedy-Pipe is Professor of War Studies, and Director of the Centre for Security Studies at The University of Hull.  She is currently working on IEDS in a large grant project with Professor Kevin Murphy of Penn State University in the US and working on how combat affects women.  Her research interests include contemporary war, the ethics of war and Cold War politics as well as terrorism and Russian foreign policy. She is currently President of the British International Studies Association and was Chair of the Association from 2004 to 2006.  She has a first class honors degree in History, an MsC Econ in Strategic Studies and a D-Phil in International Relations.

  • Mr. Keith Weston,

Keith Weston QPM MA is a Visiting Fellow at Hull University.

  • Dr. Neil Cooper,

Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Security Studies, University of Bradford.

  • Dr. Matthew Ford

Hull University. Matthew worked for a global management consultancy. Subsequently a Strategic Analyst with the Policy and Capability Studies Department of Dstl, an agency of the UK Ministry of Defense, Matthew’s research interests focus on military innovation, socio-technical change, the social construction of military effects and strategy.

  • Mr. Richard Warnes

Richard Warnes is an analyst on the Defence and Security team at RAND Europe. He is currently completing a doctorate in comparative analysis of Western counterterrorist measures. He has extensive experience in three main fields: international relief and human rights, military service, and police service. He is a former Metropolitan Police Officer and served with the British Army. Warnes received his M.A. in criminal justice from Brunel University.


Workshop Program

11-14 of September 

Venue: King David Hotel, Jerusalem

11th of September – Jerusalem-night guided tour, security and practical

12th of September – Israeli West Bank barrier, Jordan border, Allenby

13th of September:

9:00-10:30 1st Session:

Prof. Kennedy-Pipe, Director of the Centre for Security Studies at the

Prof. Gerald Steinberg, Department of Political Studies at Bar Ilan

IDF representative

Mr. Richard Warnes, Analyst on the Defense and Security team at RAND

Coffee break

10:45-12:15 2nd Session:

Dr. Neil Cooper, Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Security

Prof. Hillel Frisch, Associate Professor, Departments of Political

Mr. Keith Weston, Senior Research Fellow in Counter Terrorism in the

Group Lunch

14:00 – 15:30 3rd Session

Dr. Shmuel Bar, Director of Studies at the Institute of Policy and

Dr. Marina Shorer-Zeltser, Institute of Identity Research (IDmap)

Dr. Galit Ben-Israel, Lecturer at Beit Berl College, Homeland Security

Mr. David Mirza, Head of International Security Academy

14th of September

Departure of British Delegation

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