Diploma in Advertising on Internet

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Diploma in Advertising on the Internet (5 courses)

  • Effectiveness of the Internet campaign
This course will introduce you to the basics of the Internet campaigning and messaging. Different audiences and different approaches will be explained in regarding of types of Internet media. Three main sector of the Internet campaigning will be analyzed and detailed: the commercial sector, the social movements sector and the users personal preferences sectors.
  • Sourcing cost analysis and measurement of online media.
This course provides measurement tools to test the effectiveness of the Internet campaigning in time perspective and in comparison to other media. Students will study the basic methodology of testing the effects of the Internet campaigning on the respective audiences.
  • Public Relations (PR) on the Internet
This course will show how to creating a brand company name, develop a unique brand identity and apply it to the specific audience. The nature of this course is to teach the students basics of the Internet PR combining studies with the practice.
  • Tools of Internet advertising
During this course students will learn how affect the message which can pass through different tools of Internet advertising as banners, SEO, chats, blogs etc.
  • Basics of Website development and promotion.
Students will learn basics of the Internet design development, codes and languages and the way to promote the new and the existing websites.

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