Frequently Asked Questions on Diploma Courses
  • Q1. Are you a Registered Institute?
Yes we are registered with registrar of businesses. We are registered as an educational and ICT company. Our teachers hold MA (Magister of Arts) and PhD (Doctor of Arts Diploma) and therefore we can offer Diploma studies. We are a private institute internationally recognized.
  • Q2. Why you are teaching in Kenya?
There is an IT revolution expected in Kenya from September this year! The fiber optic cable has landed on the Kenyan coast. All the worlds back office operations are going to be outsourced to Kenya and much of it is going to be On the Internet. Our aim is to respond to the market needs and equip professionals with the necessary skills.
  • Q3. How much is the Course
The regular price is 30 thousand shillings. We have a limited summer offer just for the summer semester to grant a free of tuition studies to the applicants we consider have the best chances in the Internet studies. You should fill the form from the flyer and bring it to you to the interview. If you’ll pass successfully the interview you will study without the tuition just paying administrative fees.
  • Q4.  What is the Diploma in?
Editing and Linguistics on the Internet
Every day people invent new vocabulary for the use on the Internet. Instead of writing see you, they use C U. Almost every branch of English Grammaticus changes, as sentences become shorter, Esperanto and Latin words are added just to become understandable to another language and cultural communities. This Diploma teaches students how to communicate, write and edit texts on the Internet and to use successfully the Internet vocabulary.
Politics and Mobilization on the Internet
This Diploma courses teach how to successfully mobilize and run political and social camping on the Internet. Today no campaign is made without an Internet site where the activists can receive the updates, send questions to the politicians and receive instant answers. ila’s Internet campaign was one of the most effective in Kenyan politics and that’s why analysts say he had such a success. Today even a province Governor launches an Internet site not to mention National-level politicians. This Diploma is about politics and NGOs Internet work.
Advertising on Internet
It seems that the advertising on the Internet is simple and does not need any special requirements. But that is not true. The Internet marketing becomes effective, proliferative and more and more expensive. This diploma is about how to market products, create a right message and to measure the results.
Law & Security on Internet
Countries start to take Internet seriously. It is no more the scene for the computer games and mindless chatting but the way the most important structures of modern life like health, transport and banking operate. Special laws restricting of undesired interactions are accepted today by the majority of governments including laws for censorship, information sharing and identity of operators. However, with the spread of the Internet also the dangers become evident as according to the Internet trends 2010 projection Identity phishing and hacking will increase dramatically.
e-Ducation on the Internet
Even in the rural areas computer is not a nonsense not talking about a computer boom in bigger towns. Children are exposed to the computer as they visit cyber-café or simply see the devices of their older brothers and sisters. It is not surprising, therefore, that the majority of the homework tasks are made with the help of computers: pupils search for information there, find solutions, historical details and even ready made works! That is why one of the most important tasks of the teachers in the future becomes learning of the computer usage, software and informational services as well as educating children regarding the ethics of the computer and Internet world.
Virtual Identities
The world of the Internet becomes a sphere of separate distinct life where people can communicate with each other in the way they do not dare in their regular life. Pirates and vampires, Elvis Presleies and Madonna exist independently of their owners and create communities of their own. To understand the current and future developments and trends in this field as well as the software as one used for SecondLife project which connects people through the world into animated universe is important for people who seek to understand the real world of the virtual reality.
  • Q7. Do you have a website where someone can look you up?
Yes. It’s Just click on the Diploma clip and you will see our Diplomas list.
  • Q8.Do you have exercises?
We run exercises for all students.  Each student will have personal attention and instruction from qualified assistants.
  • Q9. Why do I need a registration fee?
A registration fee is meant to process your application and all the accompanying information flows. It is the cost of all the correspondence that will be sent to you and also to enable us to give you the best service.
  • Q11. Is it full or partial scholarship? And for how long?
For successful applicants we grant a full scholarship covering tuition for the entire Diploma he or she enrolled to.
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