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Description of the course: The course is designed for people looking for professional tools for writing a journalist or a marketing campaign to manage a variety of media channels. Students get the basics tools of journalistic writing, editing and building an identity in media content. Particular emphasis is made on the comparison between writing and structure updates and online news versus other media. The course examines how changes in the nature of the network have affected major journalistic issues like freedom of expression, neutrality and privacy in recent decades. The course explores the ways of strengthening ideas distributed online compared with other media. The course shows how the networked community and virtual space affect the marketing ideas and journalistic writing. The lesson is built on personal experience of the students, in which they receive guidance and build a marketing concept for building marketing content for various communication channels, open website for a campaign’s blog and writing research report on the project. “I see a lot of web content that is not written with the intended audience in mind, and because of this, I feel that I should always have unlimited work and people should be trying to outbid one another for my services. I should be very highly paid and in extraordinary demand because I am not so smart that I’m a dumb ass. I’m actually fortunate enough to have some awesome clients who understand my unique form of genius and keep me pretty busy, but I have to feign indignation to make my point.”, by Patrick Garry, 4 August 2009, Writing Content for your Demographic

IDmap.org Writing Internet Content course
IDmap.org Writing Internet Content course
  • Potential participants: Students of Communication and Media Departments, professionals, site owners, governmental officials
  • Duration: 14 weeks (3 months)
  • Language of life lessons: English
  • Schedule: upon registration
  • Assignments of the course:
    • A weekly update of the personal blog of the project of the course
    • Writing assignments
    • A final paper
  • Price: 590$US                            only 189$ 

Topics of the course

  1. Media and marketing world once and today
  2. Journalistic writing: Basics
  3. Journalistic writing: Editing
  4. Content of different media
  5. Difference in implementation: which content goes to press, public relations and marketing
  6. Major issues in the virtual press
  7. Major issues in the virtual world marketing
  8. Between the real and virtual – Case Studies analysis
  9. Which message intended to whom?
  10. Virtual Politics
  11. What is the effect of the press in the virtual world?
  12. Activism and future of the digital journalism

Testimonials:  Eva Bolachas: “As a professional advertising supervisor I’m fluent in SEO Technics. I do manage to plan media and get the leads. But creating an interesting content was always a puzzle for me. Now with the help of this course I got the confidence of writing articles and better serve our clients.”

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