Research of IDmap

Standing groups and Curriculum Committees:

The Standing Groups and Committees provide a platform for scholars and practitioners studying Security to share research, insights, developments in research methods and perspectives and develop new research co-operations and projects. The Curriculum Committee will review and update Curriculum on relevant domains:

  1. CTC Cyber Training Committee – covers broad research interests from technological tools and strategies up to human interaction within Cyber war and defense and IoT;
  2. TTC Transport Training Committee – covers defense strategies and cooperation on local level with agencies, mobilization and resilience.
  3. ITC Intelligence Training Committee – covers open and restricted data sources, tools for analysis, BigData and management of intelligence sources and information
  4. STC Security Training Committee – covers development and new tools for security management, new training practices and international cooperation.


  • Organizing Sections, Panels and Workshops at IDmap online and off-line Conferences;
  • Initializing and contributing to the research and answering Calls for papers on Security domains to promote exchange of research methods and perspective and international co-operation;
  • In the long terms, offering support to graduate students by setting up a graduate student network within the Standing Group;
  • In future, found awards for best journal articles and best books on the issue of the Standing Group to promote research excellence in the area.

IDmap Institute is a think tank, which researches, analyzes and compares the best solutions to help Security forces around the world to fulfill their mission on the best way in accordance with the values of the society. IDmap Institute was established in 2008 by the group of researchers to broaden research on security issues and provide security forces around the world with fresh, unique and updated ideas on the ways security should become an essential part of everyday life in the realm of complex 21st Century. Our research issues embrace all the aspects of the Homeland Security focusing on Cyber Security, Terror, Army, Intelligence, Police and Homeland Security, Gender issues, Peace and Society.

One of the corner stones of the research of IDmap Institute designated to find the right balance towards the need of the society to live in secure environment and to support security forces to perform their tasks and duties at excellent level. Since IDmap Institute is a multinational research forum, another mission of us is to find partnership tools by addressing shared security concerns.

IDmap brings experts from different security field to provide social non-military communication channels and bring together international experts, especially in situation when formal dialog is difficult or impossible at all. Our aim is to stand beyond the racial, religious, commercial and ethnic conflicts to provide scholarship and research background to people around the world.

How we do the things

IDmap provides expert advice and support to security organizations, training facilities, educational organizations. IDmap helps NGOs for security-related activities in the form of online courses, special training programs. We also assist in establishing online accessible platform, workshop, seminars, and multi-year research, training and development projects. Consultants and researchers of the IDmap are available online on short instance during routine or emergency situations, and are proud to consult and build capacities of security agents around the world. Our deepest believe in the critical role of the security forces to provide safe and complete human development is translated into mission to bring the top-notch and professional advisory.

Our team duty

IDmap’ team collective experience covers dozens of years of security teaching, filed professional security experience and top-level advisory. IDmap had developed a unique training methodology of putting complex context and content into simple and understandable forms of online courses. IDmap also writes short advisory whitepapers and live closed and open broadcasts. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge to save someone’s life and secure environment and are available for consultation and discussion. Our team shares the value of the human life and the basic right for protection and secure development.

Our mission

We organize workshops and conferences, publish research papers and advise on broad security issues. IDmap is proud to be the partner and authorized Government and International organizations research and content provider.

Certification Committee by IDmap

The Committee on Accreditation of National Security Group is a voluntary committee of leaders of Security education around the world. The Group fulfills six primary roles:

  • oversees policy related to accreditation and professional quality services;
  • recommends changes in the accreditation standards, related to accreditation and quality security services in National Security field;
  • coordinates the work of the operating committees;
  • engages thought leaders from the Committee on Issues in Security Education and the National Security Education Advisory Council in advancing accreditation;
  • authorizes improvements to the recommendations for Curriculum inclusion of procedures towards accreditation procedures;

IDmap Institute developed comprehensive online certification programs, that answer needs of trainees in different areas of security training. Our trainees can enroll with very basic knowledge on the subject and then grow during the classes to achieve the Master and Advanced professional level. During the initial process of evaluation for IDmap Institute certificate online programs, we analyze the general knowledge of the learner, her understanding on specific subject, level of experience, ability to handle common situations, ability to solve new and unknown tasks and else.

IDmap Institute then creates a personal learning profile, which enables us to offer each student materials that are tailored for her learning style and abilities. Online courses certificate programs of IDmap Institute are created to maximize the input of the online classes on short time using multi-media, gaming, simulation, AI and other tools to enhance learning experience. IDmap Institute is proud to be the first online college offering training program on academic level that provides tight fellowship and guidance to its trainees.