The emergence of the knowledge economy emphasized the importance of learning throughout the world. Ideas and know-how are sources of economic growth with important implications on how people learn, create and apply knowledge throughout their lives.


Within the current project, the IDmap Instiute aims to develop a platform for Cyber eLearning and certification, based on AI technologies. Trainees will use the online learning platform developed within the project to improve various working skills, benefit from feedback through evaluation and obtain certification at the end of the training program. The purpose of the “Cyber Online Learning Artificial Intelligence Tutor” is to allow people to learn for personal skill accomplishment or to earn a professional degree, without physically attending a traditional university or academic setting. The whole eLearning concept behind our application is versatile enough to accommodate all learning styles.

The main idea behind our application architecture is to provide users from different locations with multi-domain knowledge in the form of Cyber courses, Cyber virtual labs, counselling, etc. Not only they can benefit from the multi-domain knowledge provided by the platform, but they can upload they own content to be validated and then used as an e-learning material by others. By doing so, they can gain free access to a limited number of courses or benefit from “revenue sharing”, getting a  commission every time their material has been sold. Direct support for people who attending a long-distance course and need to be properly motivated. Given that, the solution will provide a wide range of functionalities such as: real time video and audio  Communication, chat, file uploading and downloading, online certification, etc.

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